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初中十项全能竞赛, 每年三月的第一个星期六举行, 比赛是针对6到8年级学生的吗. 十项全能包括十个项目. Two are collaborative team efforts – a Logic Quiz with 20 rigorous thinking problems and a Super Quiz with 50 multiple choice questions covering five broad academic themes. 剩下的八件事考验个人对罗马天主教教义的认识, 英语, 文学, 科学, 数学, 时事, 社会研究, 美术(艺术和/或音乐). Awards are given for individual and team performances and the winning school from each geographic diocese moves on to compete in a state championship the first Saturday of May each year.

每所学校的队伍由10名学生组成, 其中8人每门课只考一个科目. 所有十名学生都参加了逻辑测验和超级测验. 任何6到8年级的学生都可以在初秋加入这个小组. 每周五放学后,学校都会立即举行会议. 1月下旬, the candidates take a series of tests on the year’s content areas and the 10 best prepared students (regardless of grade) continue during February to fine-tune their skills, 知识, 并在3月的实际比赛中练习团队合作. 十名入围者代表SMS出席教区活动.
每所学校的队伍由10名学生组成, 其中8人每门课只考一个科目.


St. Michael’s School offers a variety of programs for students to learn and grow outside the regular school schedule. In order for the club to operate, there is a minimum enrollment requirement per session. 上课时间视乎授课老师的情况而定.

除了美术课程提供在学校的一天,圣. 迈克尔学校在放学后开设了一个课外艺术俱乐部. 全年有四个六周的课程. Students in grades 3-8 meet on Mondays from 3:00 – 4:15 PM and students in grades K-2 meet on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:00 PM. This club has a limited enrollment to provide a more personalized art experience with more one-on-one time with the teacher. 参加是要收费的.

适用于1-8年级学生, Excelsior Chess provides experienced instructors that cultivate a life-long appreciation for chess among children. It’s educational, enriching, easy to understand, challenging, and rewarding, but most of all…fun. 本课程每周一下午3 - 4点上课,为期8周. 参加是要收费的.

3至8年级的学生可以选择加入学校合唱团, 每个星期三放学后开什么会. 这些学生充当每周学校礼拜仪式的音乐牧师. Students are challenged to strengthen their vocal and auditory skills by working on two and three part harmonies within sacred and popular music. 学生通过参加教区的秋季艺术节来提高他们的表演技巧, 学校的圣诞音乐会, 美术节, 并参加了KUSI的年度节日歌曲.

西班牙语俱乐部每周三放学后为1-3年级的学生提供. Students explore the Spanish language through a variety of songs, bilingual literature and games. 西班牙天主教的祈祷被引入并付诸实践. Students also learn about the diverse cultures and celebrations of countries that speak Spanish through music, 视频和文献. 他们被介绍给字母表, 的元音, 数从1 - 20, 颜色, 基本的问候和介绍, 主题相关的名词, 动词和形容词. Students are engaged through the use of repetitive chants and songs, games and art projects. 有一些是用来参与的.


我们的体育项目为圣. Michael’s students to develop critical life skills such as working together as a team towards a common goal and accepting victory graciously and defeat with dignity. At the junior varsity level (grades 5-6) the goals of the program are skills development, 属于并参加学校运动队, 和友情. 该项目在大学水平(7-8年级)的目标是提高技能, 作为一个团队进行竞争, 养成良好的体育精神, 培养学校精神.

St. 迈克尔是北郡教区联盟的成员. The purpose of the NCPL sports program is to teach and exemplify the basic human and Christian values of sportsmanship, 合作, 和团队合作. 它的目标是帮助培养友谊, 提供领导的机会, and help the students develop a positive attitude toward sports and athletic competition. NCPL的体育项目不是“不惜一切代价取胜”.”


女孩的成绩5 - 8:

  • 秋季-排球、粉扑旗橄榄球锦标赛
  • 冬天,足球
  • 春季篮球,OLP高中篮球锦标赛

男孩成绩5 - 8:

  • 秋季-旗帜橄榄球
  • 冬季篮球,圣奥古斯丁高中篮球锦标赛
  • 春季-足球、排球


  • 春天大教堂高中田径运动会

St. Michael’s School promotes cooperative teamwork and positive attitudes when playing any sport. 团队成员, 教练, 父母, and spectators are all expected to conduct themselves with the high standards we hold: respect, 耐心, 热情, 和自我控制.


圣. 2010年,ROR体育戏剧项目以春季演出开始. Since that time, the program has grown to include a summer camp as well as a “mini” fall production. The goal of our program is to develop each student’s talents by introducing them to the three elements of musical theater – singing, 代理, 和跳舞. 在学习这些元素的同时,学生被介绍到戏剧语言. 除了发展戏剧所需的技能, 我们鼓励学生在团队合作的同时培养专注力和纪律. The artistic team works in an encouraging and positive manner to build skills and self confidence with each student. 这些技能通常会应用到课堂上, as students build stronger speaking skills and confidence when appearing before groups of people.



美慈组织¸圣. Michael’s School’s service organization was established in 2006 with a charter group of 10 eighth grade students. 美慈组织是以美慈姐妹的名字命名的, and the ideal of living out the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy; Corps, 作为一个整体而不是作为个体行动的一群人, 也与我们的守护神圣. 迈克尔,战斗中的防守者. 它已经大幅增长,包括超过50名7年级和8年级的学生.

以耶稣基督为榜样, 美慈的使命是鼓励人们提高意识, 参与服务, 以及对他人的同理心. The service opportunities they plan and lead have increased awareness and involvement among the entire school community. All school families are invited and encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities that include projects at the San Diego Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul, Family and Friends Community Connection, and Life Choices Pregnancy Center.


促进好奇心,培养科学、技术、工程领域的卓越人才 & 数学……

As educators we know providing learners with unique experiences increases their classroom interest and eventually influences their academics while in school. St. ROR体育向学生介绍涉及科学的有趣概念, 技术, 工程, 还有数学——都巧妙地伪装成“有趣”,激发了他们在课堂之外的求知欲. SMS STEM俱乐部的事业是推进高质量的科学, 技术, 工程, and mathematics (STEM) education by providing a myriad 交互ive STEM real-world applications. The club emphasis is on 交互ive lessons and activities that teach the 工程 design processes, 培养解决问题的能力, 培养终身学习者. 除了关注科学, 技术, 工程, 和数学, the STEM Club provides the opportunity to teach students what to do when they do not know what to do, 在新的和不舒服的情况下如何处理和采取行动, 如何理解, 交互, 在工作中领先, 社区, 以及他们生活的世界.

With peer collaboration and participation in fun hands-on labs and projects that mirror the real-world work of scientists and engineers, 短信学生体验创意和创新, 实践沟通与协作, 进行研究, 应用信息, 批判性的思考, 解决问题, 做出决策并有效地使用技术. 在这一年中, 学生将参加Lego Mindstorms Robotics, 了解工程师(学生)的工具箱, 了解事物是如何工作的, 完成工程设计项目, 逆向工程, 过去工程灾害的根本原因分析, 从事电子产品, 力量和精力, 参加实地考察,向特邀演讲者学习.


St. Michael’s 学生会 is an extracurricular organization whose purpose is to develop leadership and citizenship skills among SMS students, in addition to establishing a school government whereby the students cooperate with the faculty to promote student welfare and school spirit. 牢记这个目标, 学生会 serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership. 正如SMS使命宣言所反映的那样, 学生会和美慈会一起以身作则,激励我们的学生, 承担领导角色, 成为他们学校的活跃成员, 教堂, 和社区.

SMS 学生会 is comprised of student representatives and officers elected from and by the student body. 办公室包括主席,副主席,秘书,司库,礼拜仪式 & 崇拜,公民 & 国籍,安全 & 生态学,田径. Also, one classroom representative per semester is elected by each 4th-8th grade class. Duties of both the officers and representatives are delineated by the School Constitution and carefully considered by all candidates before deciding to run for office. 希望所有学生会的官员都是积极的, 支持我们的领导和模范学生.